Do you enjoy shooting?

As an older child, I was given an air rifle by my parents. Of course, it wasn`t an exceptional weapon because it was over the counter, it didn`t shoot very far, and the shots weren`t particularly loud either, but it was still a firearm after all. And of course, as a boy, I was interested and amused. Although, of course, I could only shoot from it at the hut and at the target on the border of the wooden logs, in a direction in which I could not injure anyone. The parents have already seen to that.

As an older child, I also once had the opportunity to shoot myself with a small-bore rifle. And that was a real firearm with cartridges that could seriously injure. And so it was no wonder that I was only allowed to try it on a shooting range with border guards and under the strict supervision of a soldier.

člověk se zbraní

I had a lot of fun shooting it. And I would have liked to shoot quite different weapons at that time. If I could try a pistol or a submachine gun, a machine gun or a cannon, that would be great! But no one allowed us children to do that.

The situation in our country has changed a lot since those times. But one thing remained the same. Even today, firearms cannot be owned by everyone who likes them. And even today it is not allowed to shoot at any time and anywhere. Even today, although shooting is fun for some, it is still a potentially dangerous activity. And that`s why there are a lot of people who would like to shoot for fun, but can`t. They have nowhere and nothing to shoot from.

ozbrojený člověk

And if someone still just wants to shoot for fun? Then he can, but only at the shooting range, where everything is absolutely safe. And that`s why it`s so good that shooting range Praha is with us. Because those who like to shoot can simply drive to such a shooting range and enjoy it there. There they will show you how to use a firearm, lend it to you, and then ensure a perfectly safe experience for their customers. And that of both Czech-speaking and English-speaking foreigners.

And if you like to shoot, but don`t know where or from what, come here. You won`t be able to enjoy it like this shooting range anywhere else.

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